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It makes a difference in my life

by Yasin Patel

I'm motivated again in my profession as opposed to the days before where I felt I was cornered with very little support to make my vision of healthcare a reality.

It makes a difference in my life as well as others.

The right support is always recognised.

A fantastic place for individuals

Abdul Rehman Javed

MEDLRN is a fantastic place for individuals to learn new skills and build upon them. The clinicians at MEDLRN held small grouped sessions giving everyone their time and full attention.

I attended a three-day minor illness catch-up session and a whole heap was covered. From major anatomy landmarks to physical examinations across the major body systems.

It was less of them reading off the board and more of asking us questions, carrying out role play based scenarios and perfecting examination technique.

Very approachable, understanding and knowledgeable group of clinicians.

Loved it

Nazmus Sakeeb Ahmed

Just watched your webinar on aesthetics, loved it. Although I’m not interested in setting up an aesthetics clinic, I found how you delivered the webinar as amazing. I think you were born to teach.

Great Learning Tool

by Habib

My conclusion is:
* Great learning tool very interactive
* Great depth of knowledge covered with is TAILORED to our limit. What we need to know!
* Very clear structure and flow to the learning.

More Testimonials


by Imran Sadiq

Huge inspiration and amazing content.
The content is structured and to the point Amazing.

Collaboration and networking are the key

by Mandeep Sandhu

As always buddy you're positive attitude and inspiration are great.

Collaboration and networking are key be it within the sector or even cross-sector.

Seriously Impressed

by Mohammad Ali Hussain

On reflection seriously impressed at the quality and the depth of the system you’ve developed. And inspiring to see you haven’t just stopped there. In comparison to university teaching your platform on first impressions seems structured to optimise learning with multiple forms with the bonus of the live session. And to be honest this was my first zoom Lesson and I must say you nailed the delivery. Had a habit of losing focus during uni but this was time-efficient, concise and engaging. I feel without your guidance and teaching, the depth of content would take years to study and practice. Not to focus too much on others but a massive shame there’s so many pharmacists missing out on this. Feel this is what we need to improve our credibility and confidence in our clinical knowledge and ability.